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Thanks for the $100 refund because I did not send it certified mail. If you got the dam check then why did it have to be certified mail. The Nashville Travel Expo 2016 sponsored by the National Tourism Devp. Council. We traveled 2 hours to get to the seminar on Sunday and stayed 2 hour there and 2 hours back home. Were suppose to receive 2 round trip air tickets, 2 nights at Marriott Hotel location anywhere in the us. We got nothing put are... Read more

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This company is full of ***!! They make it impossible to travel- to many restrictions!! Every date that I gave was not accepted!! I sent in my money in May- it is now October and no trip yet- I sent money for two trips!! The customer service person(Victor) has very poor customer service- very unconcerned of what you are asking him and then gives you short sarcastic answers!! Millennium Travel should be closed - Do Not Waste Your Time with this... Read more

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Another VERY dissatisfied customer. I mailed every thing I was supposed to. Even had tracking numbers. But I couldn't get my "free vacation" because they claim I didn't return a letter -that I NEVER RECIEVED. AND... since I didn't call back in the allotted time to make changes, after I got the letter THEY NEVER SENT, I get no vacation. I should have asked if they had the tracking number for their letter. Don't fall for their false... Read more

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If anyone researches Millennium Travel, just be aware that they do whatever it takes to not honor the free travel that was promised. I will not make the mistake of attending anymore presentations offering travel or cruises or hotels. I did get my deposit back but I think they are sleazy and based on the bad reviews I see it looks like lots of people agree with me. If they were reputable they would not have so many stipulations. Also the people... Read more

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Total Frauds!!! You spend an afternoon going to this Travel Membership Presentation and you are supposed to receive "FREE" airline tickets for two anywhere in the US and only have to pay the airport taxes. Plus you get two nights hotel stay, again "FREE" sounds great right? What a scam, conveniently for them the travel dates never seem to be available. You only have mone year from the date of the presentation, you have to travel on a Monday or... Read more

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After sitting in to a travel membership presentation and thankfully made the right decision to to purchase, I received a supposedly free travel with stay for two days anywhere in us plus an intern ate purchase for $250. Dollars. When you go to use your purchases you are limited to $25.00 per site. Each site has maybe two to three choices that are worth $25.00 or less. All choices are junk products maybe worth $5.00 at the most some I could... Read more

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My husband and I, like other recipients of the MT&P invitation, reluctantly accepted an offer of a free trip in exchange for our time at a meeting about time share/travel. 3 hours! We could not afford any of their packages and so we kindly declined. The free trip they promised is not so free, please do not fall for any of their pitches. I find them to be a very dishonest and untrustworthy company. If I were to invest in a travel timeshare... Read more

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In September we received an invitations to a travel promotion in return we were suppose to get two free roundtrip tickets to any where within the continental United States and 3 nights at a Marriott hotel. We followed all the rules they listed including picking 3 dates 45 days apart without involving a holiday. We also sent certified mail as required. They now claim they sent us another letter requesting info. We never received the letter they... Read more

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Total scam. Certified mail requirement is their out, even though they received my voucher. NOT BETTER BUSINESS APPROVED!!!Staff extreamly rude and sarcastic!!!!Farce of a company!

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They will deliver what they promise and will not return your money if your ask for a refund. There are multiple complaints with the BBB and many travel forum websites. Stay away and warn others. Total scam like so many other folks have stated! I too, followed all their directions, worked with them for approx 7 months all for nothing, filled out form after form after they were not able to honor my dates, then they told me they didn't received... Read more

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