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We drove 3 hours sat through a 90 minute presentation and received the package - 2 round trip fairs on regularly scheduled airlines, 2 nights hotel and dinner voucher.The presenter told me about the $50.

deposit, but neglected to say it was per person and circled the $50. refundable part, but had excluded the area about the per person.

My husband and I have called them on 3 different times to have them return the check. The last 2 times (once in Jan.

and once in Feb.)telling us that the check was being sent out.we still not received it.

Monetary Loss: $50.


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The exact same thing happened to me.This company should not be used.

Don't waste your time going to their sales promotion.

They will find a reason to not give you the trip that they promised; and then claim they mailed you out a check when, in fact, they have not.

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